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4 Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Eating Fruits When Dieting

Wondering whether or not fruits are a good choice when it comes to dieting and fitness?

A basket of fresh fruit

There's this notion going around in the weight loss and fitness community that eating fruits is bad for you, and that you should be limiting the amount of apples, pears and bananas you're eating.

Yet, as we were growing up, I think just about everyone was being taught that fruits are incredibly healthy, and that we should all be eating our 5+ a day!

You see, fruits come with a wide range of benefits and advantages towards weight loss and dieting that we should definitely be taking advantage of.

There are several reasons why fruits are a good choice of food when it comes to our dieting, and in this article I'll break down why exactly you should be eating fruits when you're dieting.

What Are The Benefits of Fruits?

Like I said earlier, there are lots of reasons as to why you should be eating fruits.

We'll start with one you might not know.

Fruits are Low in Calorie Density

For a food to be low in calorie density means for it to contain very little calories when compared to the portion sizes and how filling the food is.

Fruits boast a very low calorie density, meaning they could very easily fit into the smallest, tightest diets in your weight loss journeys or restrictive dieting phases.

This is handy as there may be times you find yourself running out of calories for the day, and only having enough left for something pathetic like a little bit of rice, whereas you could eat a full apple and a half instead and be much more satisfied.

Foods that are low in calorie density are a great tool you should be utilizing if you're wanting to lose weight and burn fat, as they make it easier for you to stay within your daily calorie intake goals.

A person tracking their calories on their phone while they eat

Fruits Are Very Satiating (Filling)

Moving on from the previous benefit of fruits being very low in calorie density, that also means that fruits are very filling.

For a food to be highly satiating or have a high satiety level mans that it is very filling, in proportion to the volume you have to eat.

You don't have to eat that much fruit before you start to feel full and like you've had enough.

Again, this makes it very easy for you to stay within your restrictive calorie intake goals due to the low calorie density, but high satiety levels.

You won't eat up your daily intake and then realize you still feel hungry and want to eat more.

Fruits Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Another key benefit of fruits would be the fact that many of them can act as decent substitutes for your favorite sweet tooth cravings.

Now, don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying fruits taste as good as brownies, or cakes, or chocolate.

I know they don't.

However, they are still a decent substitute for those foods you know you should be staying away from.

Chocolate cake sitting on a table

Especially in a diet, fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries can offer the level of sweetness you're craving, and really help you check that box and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings before you give in and indulge in your favorite packet of cookies or cake.

Remember, everything sweet tastes a lot better than it normally would when you're on a restrictive fat loss diet of any kind.

Just give it a try and you'll see what I mean.

Fresh fruits can offer you the level of sweet tooth satisfaction you're looking for.

Fruits Are Full of Macronutrients

Lastly, like we were taught all throughout our childhoods, fruits actually ARE packed full of macronutrients and healthy things.

Fruits can offer you bulk loads of vitamins, fiber, minerals and phytochemicals (for the strengthening of your immune system) that you need.

Fruits are incredibly good for your health.

This isn't to say that you can get a good diet from only eating fruits, but they certainly do play an important part of your diet and fill a gap that not many other food groups can offer at the same level.

Eating fruits can lead to a wide range of health improvements such as reduced risk of certain diseases as well as improving life expectancy.

While these health benefits are great and certainly something we should all be taking advantage of, there are some things to note.

FRESH Fruits Are the Best, Not Juice or Processed Fruits

It's important for you to note that eating real, fresh fruits is always going to be the healthiest option for you.

It's not the same if you drink a cup of orange juice, and it's not the same if you eat a serving of canned peaches that have been sitting there for months and months on end.

Canned fruits sitting on a table

So wherever you can, just make sure you're eating fresh fruit and not substituting it for juice or canned/processed versions of it.

Fruits Consumption Should Still be Watched

There are instances where it might actually cause you disadvantages if you eat too much fresh fruit, such as when you're eating on a bulk to try and gain weight and build more strength/muscle.

Due to the low calorie density and the high satiety levels, fruits are going to hinder your ability to eat high calories on a daily basis and achieve your weight gain goals.

So if that applies to you and you're trying to gain weight or bulk, make sure you more closely watch the amount of fruit you're eating.


So no, your parents weren't lying when they used to tell you that fruits are good for you.

They were absolutely correct, and fruits are certainly something you should be consuming on a regular basis if you're dieting and trying to lose weight.

They're incredibly healthy, and provide you with a wide range of benefits that help you move forwards in your weight loss goals.

However, it's important to make sure you're eating fresh fruits wherever possible instead of juice and processed fruits, and that you're also making sure what you're eating is in line with your goals in fitness.

I hope you've enjoyed reading through this article, and have learnt something from it!

If you did, remember to share it with your friends so that we can help keep as many people as possible knowledgeable in the fitness community!

Do YOU eat your fruits?


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