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These Are Our 6 Favorite Ab Wheels To Build an Iron Core

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

When it comes to core training, ab wheels are an extremely popular choice.

They're affordable, simple to use and extremely versatile. Implementing them into your training routine will help round out your physique, and help you build that iron core you've always wanted.

But it can be hard to find one that's effective, durable and affordable at the same time.

That's why our team here at Gympulsive has created a list of the top 7 best ab wheels to buy in 2022.

Ab wheel exercises are great as they can be modified to suit different fitness levels, by elevating the wheel, doing them on your knees, on your feet, or decreasing stability.

They're a great addition to any home gym, and will provide great and noticeable gains if used to properly to any trainee.

Plus, the benefits of having a strong, ripped core are amazing. You'll have increased safety during your heavy compound lifting, as well as look and feel much healthier in general.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission through some of these links (at no additional cost to you) should you use them to make a purchase. However, this does not affect our choices as our team does conduct thorough research around these products to ensure they provide real benefits to our readers.

Strong and muscular man using best ab wheel to get shredded abs

Our Picks

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

With the ultra-wide wheel, you'll have more stability during your exercise, but also still have the ability to train your obliques by twisting a little to one side.

Note that generally with wider wheels, the ability to work the obliques is slightly compromised.

There's built-in resistance in this wheel, coming in the form of a carbon steel spring system. This means it may be the best option if you're looking to specifically build strength as well in your core.

Plus, you'll get a pair of cool looking and ergonomically designed handles that are foam padded and meant to sit comfortably in your grip.

The absence of hand discomfort will allow you to focus all of your attention to your workout, and not the discomfort that you would feel using many other ab wheels.

As for the cherry on top, this package comes with a handy knee pad for added comfort during your workouts, as well as a downloadable workout plan with this ab wheel that'll last you the first 21 days.

You'll quickly be on your way to having the strong, iron core you've always dreamt of having.

Get yours today from Amazon for $39.99!

Amazon Basics Core Workout Roller

This was our pick for the best beginner ab wheel, due to its simpler design and more affordable price. It costs only $19, and has everything you need to get started on your journey to a strong, ripped core.

Like the Perfect Fitness roller above, this product has ergonomically designed handles for maximum comfort and effectiveness of your workouts.

This roller is incredibly durable, thanks to its polypropylene plastic material and the thermoplastic rubber.

It will last you a long time if properly cared for, and you'll likely be able to continue making gains for years.

It weighs 2.1lb (900 grams) and is backed by Amazon Basics' 1-year limited warranty.

So fi you're in the market for an ab wheel that won't break the bank, but has everything you need to get started, this is the one for you.

Vinsguir Ab Roller

This ab wheel has a very unique and modern design, as well as being quite affordable for the quality it brings to the table.

We couldn't leave this one out, and it's an extremely solid pick for trainees of any fitness level.

It's got a wide wheel, making balancing and stabilizing much easier to do. This allows you to really focus on working the abs, as you don't have to worry about falling over to one side. However, this does slightly limit your ability to train the obliques, as there is less space to tilt to on the sides.

The handles are made of stainless steel, and are covered in EVA rubber cotton to provide the most amount of comfort possible during your workouts.

You won't have to worry about having any of your attention drawn away from your workout, and you can focus solely on strengthening that core of yours.

This wheel can tolerate a maximum user weight of 200kg (440lb), meaning it will be suitable for almost anyone looking to use it. Plus, it comes with a squishy and high quality knee pad to keep yourself that much more comfortable during your workouts.

Priced at $17.

Mirafit Ab Roller

This is a very straightforward ab roller, with incredible durability and effectiveness. Mirafit is one of the leading suppliers in workout equipment, and their ab wheel is no different.

For the price of only around $15 USD, you can get a very solid ab roller that'll provide you with a very effective workout. Plus, even though this is an incredibly affordable package, it still comes with a very high-quality knee pad for added comfort during your exercise.

Now for this kind of value and efficiency, you really have no excuse not to train abs, even for a couple minutes a day.

Integlobe 4-Wheel Ab Roller

This one actually shocked us when we first saw it. We'd never seen an ab wheel that looked like this before!

The innovative 4-wheel and triangular frame design provides maximal stability, and makes it the easiest out of any rollers on this list to train your rectus abdominis. However, due to the secure stability there is no way you can train your obliques with this exercise.

You'll have confidence during your workouts, knowing you would barely be abel to topple over to the side, even if you wanted to. Want a boost of confidence to push for those last couple of reps? This ab roller will do that for you.

No assembly is required, so you could use it as soon as you took it out of the box! Plus, it's silent and friendly on your workout floor. The wheels are covered in solid rubber, helping to create a very silent and smooth experience.

You'll also leave very, very little to no marks on the floor, unless you're pressing down with extreme force.

The handles are once again designed very ergonomically, and are covered in multiple layers to provide the best gripping and comfort during you workout.

You won't have to worry about losing grip to sweat either, as the handles will absorb it for you. Plus, it's easily portable and can be taken to use anywhere, wherever you decide you want to work out.

Plus, you'll get a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a 180-day warranty on the product. This means there is no real commitment to this purchase, as you can return it if it doesn't meet your standards.

So overall, this is a very classy looking addition to your workout space, wherever that may be. Suitable for trainees of all fitness levels, providing users with a very unique and innovative experience.

The button below leads to Amazon, alternatively you can click here to shop at Walmart.

Rogue Fitness Ab Wheel

Image credit: Rogue Fitness

When it comes to quality and durability, Rogue Fitness is one of the most well known brands out there. Their products are strong, effective and well designed. This ab roller is no different.

It features a nickel-plated steel shaft, and durable rubber tire treads to allow for maximal gripping on most surfaces.

A sealed bearing system also allows for smooth and precise rotation. The sides of the wheel are also curved, decreasing stability and creating more of a challenge for advanced trainees. Plus, you can twist onto the side a little to engage the obliques more if you wish.

Plus, the handles are coated in comfortable rubber to allow for the best workout experience possible, and giving you the ability to focus solely on building the muscles of your core.

This roller is more expensive, but it's honestly the best one in terms of quality, manufacturing and durability if you've got a larger budget to work with. It will definitely last you years, and continue to serve you well, even when you've taken it through hundreds of your toughest workouts.

It's also lightweight and easily portable, meaning you can take this thing anywhere to do your workout. Also, due to the decreased stability and stabilizing demands of this roller, we would say that this is not the most suitable for beginners.

It's a great choice for stronger, advanced trainees, but not for beginners who are just starting out.

Priced at $75.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! A list of the best ab wheels to buy in 2022.

They're a great (and affordable) addition to any home gym, and are a worthwhile investment for those of you who are wanting to look good in the mirror and be proud of your bodies.

We hope you've enjoyed reading through this post, and don't forget to share it with your friends who might need an ab roller themselves!

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Which ab roller will you be getting?


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