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The 6 Best Dip & Pull Up Belts to Enhance Your Training for 2022

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Pull ups and dips are a great way to build both strength and muscle in the upper body. They're fantastic bodyweight exercises that stimulate great muscle activation and growth.

However, intermediate to advanced lifters or trainees will find themselves easy hitting sets of 15-20 pull ups, and possibly 20-30 dips.

This is no longer effective at maximizing muscle growth, and instead would train muscular endurance more than anything.

To keep making gains and utilizing these exercises properly, a dip belt would be preferred, as it allows users to add more weight to these bodyweight exercises, and continue to gain optimal strength and muscle.

That's why we've created a list of the 6 best pull up and dip belts to buy in 2022, so all you strong trainees out there can make the most out of your training and reach your goals faster!

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission through some of these links (at no additional cost to you) should you use them to make a purchase. However, this does not affect our choices as our team does conduct thorough research around these products to ensure they provide real benefits to our readers.

Man doing weighted pull ups in a gym with pull up belt

The List


Rogue Dip Belt

Best dip belt to buy in 2022 for more gains

Image credit: Rogue Fitness

Rogue is one of the biggest names in powerlifting and gym equipment. Many people are familiar with the Rogue Ohio lifting belt, as it's well known for being one of the best powerlifting belts out on the market. It's sturdy, durable and effective, and the dip belt that Rogue has produced is no different.

Made of heavy duty nylon, this belt is widely used in the CrossFit games due to its incredible strength, durability and quality.

It's great whether you're doing pull ups or dip, and is guaranteed to help you gain strength and muscle quicker, with progressive overload made easy. Adjustments are easily made, and and the belt is proven to be extremely reliable and secure, even when heavy loads are placed on it.

This belt can tolerate a mind blowing 29,400lb (13,335kg!) of weight! Seriously, check Rogue's website. So if you're strong enough to lift that much (which is unlikely but still), this is the only belt you should be getting. No other belt will come close to this.

The belt's chain length is 30".

The belt is available in black or yellow, and features heavy-duty stitching, as well as a pair of sturdy carabiners. The product is very heavily reinforced, and you can't go wrong with this if you're willing to shell out a little bit extra.

Priced at $49 USD, this is definitely one of the best pull up and dip belts you can buy in 2022.

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Dip Belt

This is also a great overall belt, but is slightly cheaper than the Rogue one, for those who might not be as comfortable spending on gym equipment.

Still, it's one of the best dip belts you can but in 2022.

It's got great durability, and will likely last you years and years on end, even if you were to take it through your most intense workouts on a regular basis.

The belt is made of 100% leather, and has comfortable padding so you feel good during your workouts. Like the Rogue belt, it comes with two carabiners and also has a 40" strap, which is longer than that of the Rogue belt.

However, there is one drawback to this belt. If you know you have a waist that is less than or narrower than 30 inches, the belt will likely feel uncomfortable when you're using it. You'll need to find a smaller belt.

So if you're looking for a great all-round dip or pull up belt, but you're on a tight budget or don't want to spend as much on the Rogue one, this is a great alternative option.

Priced at $39.99.

Hawk Fitness Dip Belt With Chain

Our best-value or best budget pick has to be the Hawk Fitness dip belt. It's got great strength, great durability and great quality, and is priced at only $19.99.

The small price tag makes this possibly one of the bets options for beginners just looking to start using dip belts, as they won't have to commit as much, and can be more comfortable with their purchase, knowing they didn't break the bank.

Those looking to begin using dip belts generally also wouldn't load the belt up too heavy, meaning it would be perfectly fine to use the slightly cheaper options, with no additional risk of injury. Not that this belt doesn't have a high weight tolerance.

With this purchase, you'll get an easily removable chain that can be replaced quickly and efficiently, or you substituted with a rope or a bungee.

The belt is made of thickened neoprene, and has a 36" steel chain that can tolerate up to 300lb (136kg) of load. Plus, it's got foam padding on the sides that allow it to sit comfortable on your back, giving you a great workout and minimal interferences.

Overall, if you're a beginner or a lifter who's on a tighter budget, this would be the best pick. Not many individuals would ever be able to do a 300lb weighted pull up or dip, so it will be perfectly safe to use for much of the population.

However, once again if you have a narrower waist, this belt may not fit on well, and you might find the weights swaying during your reps, which is definitely not ideal. You may have ot look to wards getting a smaller belt in that case.

Jayefo Dip Belt

Another overall great choice, the Jayefo Dip Belt removes and discomfort or awkward positioning of the weights by coming with a 36" long chain, which can tolerate up to 157.5kg (350lb) or extra load. It's an incredibly solid pick, but costs only $21.99!

It's also considerably more breathable than many other dip belts on the market.

This makes it a great choice for people who find themselves tending to sweat a lot during their workouts, and need that extra bit of breathability and ventilation to keep comfortable and keep pushing through the hard reps.

Additionally, this belt is incredibly durable and robust thanks to its heavy-duty stitching, strong neoprene material and extra padding that also helps to prevent any skin irritation or marking.

Jayefo offers a lifetime warranty of this product as well, making this an amazing choice in dip belts for 2022.

Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt

Those who do powerlifting will have likely heard of Harbinger. They're known for producing some of the best lifting equipment out there, and that includes their dip belt.

The belt is made of polypropylene, and will be able to adapt to your body shape and outline within a couple hard sessions of using this belt. There's also a thick pad at the back to prevent any grazing or discomfort to your skin.

The chain is 30" in length, which can usually only fit two or three 20kg (45lb) plates. The maximum weight capacity is unspecified, but reviewers have claimed it works well for years with 60kg (135lb) on it.

Additionally, they've ensured durability through some very heavy-duty stitching, meaning the product is likely to last and keep serving you for several years, even through your hardest workout sessions.

So if you're looking for an overall great belt that can hold a pretty good amount of weight to accommodate for most lifters, and you're looking to use it for years and years to come then this might be the one for you.

Priced at $37.99.

Hypeletics Dip Belt

The Hypeltics dip belt is extremely well padded, and provides a great level of comfort during your heavy workouts. It comes with a 40" strap that can hold 6 Olympic sized 20kg plates, and is designed specifically so hat the belt doesn't dig painfully into your sides when you're loading it up heavy.

The belt is also extremely versatile. You can use it to add extra weight to your pull ups and dips, as well as use it as a core belt during your heavy squats, deadlifts, bench presses and OHPs.

All you need is a carabiner to connect the two waist clips, and you've got yourself a nice, effective weightlifting belt.

This belt is mainly intended to be used by individuals who have waist sizes upwards of 30", and it may not be the most comfortable or snug fit if you are under or significantly over that range, so you do have things to consider there.

Otherwise a very comfortable and versatile pick, the Hypeletics Dip Belt is a great overall choice for the everyday gymgoer looking to enhance pull up and dip gains.

To Wrap Up...

Getting yourself a good dip belt or a good pull up belt in 2022 is paramount fi you're a strong athlete looking to maximize your gains and see real progress from your hard work in the gym.

Make sure to take the time to make an informed decision when picking the right one for you so that you don't waste any money!

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Which dip belt will you be buying in 2022?


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