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The 5 Best Pull Up Bars To Add to Your Home Gym for 2022

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Pull ups and chin ups are both outstanding exercises when it comes to upper body training, and are both staples in our routines and programs at the gym.

But during times like the COVID-19 pandemic, we might find ourselves stuck at home with no real or easy way to do pull ups and chin ups, but we also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a full-blown power rack either.

That's why our research team at Gympulsive has created a list of the top 5 best pull up bars to buy in 2022!

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission through some of these links (at no additional cost to you) should you use them to make a purchase. However, this does not affect our choices as our team does conduct thorough research around these products to ensure they provide real benefits to our readers.

Strong and muscular man does pull ups on an outdoor pull up bar

NOTE: We have not included any traditional doorframe pull up bars due to the risk that comes with using one.

You've most likely seen the stories of bars snapping or not being installed properly and users falling backwards and suffering pretty bad injuries.

Due to this, we'd recommend spending just $15-30 more for a safer bet, and a bar that is much less likely to send you crashing to the floor.

Please also check whether your doorways are strong enough to hold your weight, as a the quality and efficiency of the bar will not matter if your doorframe is the one to break.

However if you still want to use a traditional bar, the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar would likely be your best bet.

Make sure your doorway is safe, and that you've installed it on properly.

Otherwise you could seriously injure yourself.

With these pull up bars, you can boost your gains and reach your goals faster in 2022!

The List

OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar

This heavy duty pull up bar will provide you with all the safety and security you need to feel confident during your workouts. It's made of reinforced steel, and has some of the best support and rigidness a wall mounted bar can offer.

Plus, it can tolerate up to 200kg (440lb) of user weight, so it'll be suitable for almost anyone.

The reason we put this one first on our list was due to the versatility of this product, and its multifunctional purposes. Not only can you do all three pull up grips (pronated/overhand, supinated/underhand, and neutral/hammer), you can also perform dips, leg raises, hanging L-sits and more.

Then if you were to do push ups or a variation of them on the ground next to this mount, you've effectively got yourself every opportunity you need to build strength and muscle in the upper body. You can easily work the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs all in one spot at home.

The pull up mount also features tear resistant and padded cushions for your back and your arms, for maximal comfort during your workouts. You won't have to worry about any distractions such as discomfort or pain, and you can focus solely on making the most out of your workout.

This pull up mount does need to be assembled, and it's recommended that your put it on a concrete or brick wall. If you try to install it on a drywall or a plaster wall, the wall may get damaged and cause injury.

Overall it's a very solid choice for anybody looking to build a home gym, and you can literally work your entire upper body with a single purchase. Plus, this pull up mount looks pretty cool, and it'll help create a better feel in your workout space.

Priced at $110 on Amazon, it's definitely one of the best pull up bars you can get.

Rogue Jammer Pull Up Bar

Image credit: Rogue Fitness

If you're looking for an easy way to boost your gains at home, the Rogue Jammer Pull Up Bar is a great investment for you.

This is undoubtedly one of the best pull up bars you can get in 2022, due to its security, easy installation and superb durability.

Rogue is known for producing some of the best gym equipment available on the market in terms of effectiveness and durability, and their Jammer Pull Up Bar is no exception.

It's designed to be mounted securely on top of a doorway frame on a standard wooden stud wall. It also takes up very little space due to its intended positioning, and likely won't interfere with anything else in your home gym space.

It's a very effective way to improve your home workouts without committing too much money and space.

Trainees can easily jump up and get a great workout for both the back and the biceps, as well as the chance to do some ab work as well with hanging exercises such as the L-sit.

You can easily do a couple of pull ups for fun whenever you're walking around the house, and you can create fun challenges between friends and family without having to leave the house.

The mount itself is made of solid, thick steel, with he strength and durability of the bar being of similar standards to the equipment you're used to using at the local gym.

You can choose between a knurled or smoothly finished bar, and also comes with other customizations such as stainless steel, a black powder coat and more.

Plus, you can change the color of the bar to match your preferences and existing workout space color schemes.

Overall it's one of the strongest, most secure wall mounted pull up bars you can get, and is a very solid pick for anyone looking to boost their gains at home. You'll find this for $115 on the Rogue Official website.

Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pull Up Bar

Made of 11-guage steel, this heavy duty wall-mounted bar has everything you need to transform your home gym.

Its strong material helps create stability and safety during your workouts, and you'll likely feel the difference between this bar and a traditional door frame bar if you've used one before.

Train with confidence, knowing that this bar will not break on you. However like we noted above, you need to ensure your wall is strong enough to hold your weight.

It has a maximum user weight of 500lb, meaning it will accommodate for the vast majority of the global population.

Almost anyone can use this, and it's a great addition to any home workout space. It features a black powder-coated finish, and will last you years and years on end, even if you're an athlete whose workouts are often very intense.

Like the others, you'll be able to quickly work your back and biceps, as well as your abs and possibly your shoulders.

Pair this product with push ups and its variations on the ground, and you've got every opportunity you need to build strength and size in the muscles of the upper body.

Additionally, you've got the choice from mounting this onto the wall or ceiling, whichever one suits your spacing and setup better. You can also use this bar to perform workouts with resistance bands, training ropes and more.

Overall, this is a very solid pick and will continue to serve you well for multiple years to come, without compromising any of your safety and workout effectiveness.

An all-round amazing pull up bar.

Priced at $74.99, WITH FREE SHIPPING.

Weider Power Tower

This was the only power tower to make it onto our list, thanks to its outstanding stability, durability and versatility.

It features four different sections, each with a different purpose, allowing you the opportunity to work your entire upper body with a single purchase. The product comes with a maximum user weight of 300lb, which is lighter than the others on this list, but should still be more than enough for most trainees who would be using this product.

You can work your back, your arms, you chest, shoulders and abs. There's a pull up bar, a knee-raise section, push up handles and dip handles as well. You can easily build a strong, well rounded upper body from this product alone.

Plus, there's elbow padding, back padding and comfortable grips on the handles so that you don't have to worry about pain or discomfort distracting you during your workouts. You can just focus on chasing those dreams you've always had.

Priced at $149 from Amazon.

Iron Age Doorway Pull Up Bar

We said we wouldn't include any traditional doorway pull up bars, and this one is not one of those. It's got a unique smart hook that reduces the chances of the bar slipping and sending you crashing to the ground, like the more basic ones might do.

The maximum user weight is 200kg (440lb), so it will be able to accommodate for most of the population.

It requires absolutely zero assembly, and it also 6 inches higher than a regular pull up bar would be, so it might be a smart choice for taller trainees.

We included this one as a more affordable option, but it is almost always worth it to spend that extra twenty to thirty dollars for added safety and confidence. But if you are really, really tight on your budget, this one should do just fine.

Priced at $33.99 on Amazon.

Wrapping It Up

You've got a wide range of pull up bars to choose from, and it's important that you weight everything to make an informed decision on the most appropriate one for you!

Pair this with some sturdy push up bars and you've got everything you need to get a superb workout from home for your entire upper body!

If you enjoyed this post go ahead and share it with your friends that need a new pull up bar so that we can reach more people!

As always, safety comes first, and please ensure your installation and surroundings are safe before using any of these bars.

To take the next step in your fitness journey and become the most advanced athlete that you can be with access to more blog articles each month, start your free trial with a Gympulsive premium subscription today!

Which pull up bar are you going to buy to boost your gains from home in 2022?