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The 10 Best Skipping Ropes in 2022

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Skipping is a great cardiovascular exercise, and it's been shown in studies to burn 30% more calories than running, which is probably the most popular form of outdoor exercise today.

Skipping ca be done anywhere, and just requires a rope, as well as a hard surface for your to land on and jump off of. Plus, it's quite fun when you get good at it, can you can learn some cool tricks to show off as well! In this post, our research team here at Gympulsive has picked out the top 10 skipping ropes in 2022 for you.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission through some of these links (at no additional cost to you) should you use them to make a purchase. However, this does not affect our choices as our team does conduct thorough research around these products to ensure they provide real benefits to our readers.

Fit and athletic woman doing skipping exercise with best skipping ropes

Our List

RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

Skipping is traditionally thought to be a pure cardiovascular exercise, or even child's play.

However, with the RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope, your perception of skipping is sure to change. This rope offers a weight of 3.6kg (8lb), which is sure to add up over an extended period of time. This makes it an extremely effective tool to workout with, especially if you're short on time.

You'll be able to get a good, intense workout in a fraction of the time it would take with a normal skipping rope. You'll build great amounts of functional strength, as well as burn loads of fat due to high muscular demands.

With this, you can burn off up to 1,000 calories an hour! We promise you, if you work hard enough on this, you'll burn off those extra pounds like they're nothing. It's like using a skipping rope with a large carton of milk attached to it.

The rope is made of the same material that regular gym battle ropes you see, making it extremely strong and durable.

These things are meant to be whipped and abused. There's a choice between a 1.5 inch (5lb or 2.2kg) and a 2 inch cable (8lb or 3.6kg), depending on your fitness level and needs.

Definitely one of the best and most versatile skipping ropes you can buy!

Priced at approximately $40.

DEGOL Tangle-Free Jump Rope

Extremely popular on Amazon, this skipping rope has a unique ball bearing that helps you to prevent twisting and tangling of the rope.

It's adjustable in length, and you can choose to go anywhere between 6 and 9 feet.

This makes it a perfect buy for anybody who's likely going to be sharing this skipping rope, as it suits almost any size, height and fitness level. You can take it outside, as it's coated in PVC and is extremely durable. It's built for those long, sweaty sessions out in the sun.

The rope itself is made of braided steel wires, simply adding to the robustness and longevity of the product. Plus, the handles are wrapped in a handy memory foam, so it'll gradually come to suit your grip.

You'll find this on Amazon for $10.

FOMODY Skipping Rope

This is a great skipping rope to pick if you're just looking to get started in skipping, as it's lightweight, affordable and durable. It's got an anti-dust ball bearing system, which allows you to move the rope with ease, anywhere in a 360 degree rotation. The rope is initially 9.1 feet long, but can be adjustable down to a child's length, making it suitable for almost anybody to use.

The rope is embedded with thickened PVC, allowing you to take it out for your most intense, grueling workouts. It'll last you a long while. The value for money on this product is incredible, and the $11 you pay for this product will go a long, long way.

Overall, we'd highly recommend this skipping rope for anybody who's looking to get started in skipping, and are not yet sure whether it is something they would want to commit to.

Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

This skipping rope is primarily designed for one thing. Speed. It'll put your athletic capabilities to the test, and really have you working hard thanks to the lightweight alloy steel material. You'll be able to take your workout intensity to the next level, and burn off those extra calories in a heartbeat.

You'll also receive a free carrying case, as well as a complimentary online course that's usually worth about $15. The silicone anti-slip grips will sit incredibly comfortably in your hand, and the 10 foot adjustable cables will allow you to find your ideal cable length, and get the most out of your workout.

You'll also get a lifetime warranty on this product, meaning there's no real commitment to making the purchase, as they do accept returns if you product breaks or you find yourself unsatisfied with it.

Plus, like many others on this list, this rope comes with a ball bearing system that allows for a 360 degree rotation of the rope. It's an overall great skipping rope, and is a superb choice for both beginners and more proficient athletes.

CHICHEN Adjustable Jump Rope

This one's extremely affordable, and only costs around $7. However quality and durability is definitely not compromised by the price. It's got a durable PVC cable as well as embedded steel wires that allow for great longevity of this rope.

It can be extended to a max length of 10 feet, and can be easily and efficiently shortened. This makes it a great choice for the family, especially with its air-ventilated handles that'll mitigate some of the sweat you might get on the grips.

You'll get a free carrying case, which makes the rope a god choice for anybody who likes to take their equipment outside for a workout. Also, you can choose between the colors of blue, black and red.

So if you're looking for a cheap skipping rope to share with the whole family that's still of very high quality, this might be the one.

Rike Gear Premium Speed Jump Rope

Believe it or not, this skipping rope helped break the world record of most skips in 10 seconds, ripping through 108 skips in that short bit of time. It's designed to be lightweight, and allow for the highest skipping seeds speeds.

The rope is adjustable up to a maximum length of 9 feet, and features unique wooden handles that'll create a slip-free experience in your hands. They're also attached in an interesting new way (see image) which prevents the rope from tangling or knotting.

You'll also receive a complimentary velvet carrying pouch, making this a great choice for those who like to work out outside. The rope comes with a lifetime warranty, and you can choose between 5 color combinations to suit your liking.

Get yours today for $19.99 off Amazon.

DOMYOS Weighted Skipping Rope

With this skipping rope, you'll be able to enjoy some slightly heavier skipping, that's not going to haver you exhausted in a matter of seconds if you're newer to skipping. The rope is designed to help you cut down on your fat, as well as building your strength in the upper body. This is a great way to intermediates to take that next step from regular skipping ropes.

Elite SRS Surge 3.0 - Cable Speed Rope

The handles feature a new ball bearing that create for a more efficient spin on the rope. There's also no need for an adjustable screws due to this. The handles have a unique key system, for resizing of the cables. This skipping rope is recommended for more experienced athletes and those who really want to nail the double under tricks. Plus, you can pick from a range of cool handle colors to suit your own personal preference!

This product comes with a free storage bag, making it easy for you to take it to and from your workout space.

XYLsports Jump Rope

This is a great all round pick, thanks to its simplicity, affordability, durability and quality. The rope features nice, comfortable foam grips on the handles, and also easy adjustability with just the quick removal of a cap, and feeding the rope into the handle. It's designed to last you a very long time, and continue to serve you well, even when you take it through your most intense workouts.

This rope also comes in a very impressive maximum length of 2.94m (9'8"). Plus, it can be easily adjusted to suit almost any user height. It's great for the whole family, no matter how tall you are. You'll be able to adjust it to suit yourself.

Plus, this rope also comes with a lifetime warranty and the potential ability to request a free replacement if something happens to it!

Priced very affordably at $10.99.

N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope

This weighted jump rope weight 0.45kg (1lb), and is a great choice for those looking for a mix between a heavy jump rope that helps you build strength, and a lighter one for more fast paced, intense workouts. It's not too heavy, and not too light.

N1Fit has included helpful memory foam handles, meaning they'll take up the shape of your grip, and maximize the comfort during your workouts after a couple of sessions. The cable is also designed to prevent tangling, which can be one of the most annoying parts of working with skipping ropes. Who wants to waste those extra few minutes untangling a skipping rope before a hard workout?

This rope is also fully adjustable, and can be adjusted to suit a range of different user heights, generally ranging from the low ends of 5ft (around 1.52m) to 6ft 6. (1.98m). Plus, it comes with a generous two year warranty, meaning you can shop with confidence, knowing that your investment is going to be risk free!


Thanks so much for reading through this post!

We hope you've found it helpful to you.

Skipping is a great cardiovascular exercise that can also be used to build strength if you pick the right rope, and it's definitely a good choice of exercise for most people!

Which rope are you going to buy?

Let us know down in the comments section below!


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