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8 Steps to Crushing Your First Gym Session

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The Top 8 Weightlifting Straps You Must Have in 2022

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

When we're lifting heavy, the last thing we want is for our grips to give out before our bodies do. That's why you'll see so many powerlifters and gym trainees wearing lifting straps when they're working hard.

We've compiled a list of the best straps available online, and accounted for both beginners and more advanced lifters.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission through some of these links (at no additional cost to you) should you use them to make a purchase. However, this does not affect our choices as our team does conduct thorough research around these products to ensure they provide real benefits to our readers.

Strong weightlifter wearing lifting straps to increase lifting capacity and make more gains

What We've Picked

Gymreapers Lifting Straps

Take your training up to the next level with the Gymreapers Lifting Straps. With these, you'll relieve some of the pressure off of your wrists and forearms, and be able to push harder in your heavy back workouts. These will provide superb support in your deadlifting, rowing, and general pulling exercises. Let your target muscles be the limiting factor, and not your grip.

The padded support allows you to grip your heavier weights without pain, slipping, or unwanted tugging. These are a staple accessory used by many advanced lifters, and you should be no different.

This premium pair of cotton straps are built with Neoprene padding to prevent discomfort and digging.

They're suitable for virtually any kind of weightlifting, whether you're a powerlifter trying to lift as heavy as possible, a bodybuilder who needs to push their limits regularly, a CrossFit athlete, or any sort of weightlifter in general.

They're the most versatile of any weightlifting straps on this list, and that's why we've put them first.

Serious Steel Figure 8 Straps

If you're really serious about lifting heavy, then the Serious Steel Figure 8 Straps will be your best bet. They're popular among Strongman competitors, as they provide the strongest and most rigid support of any straps out there.

They're made of heavy duty webbed cotton, and are designed for lifting the heaviest loads. They're meant for "serious abuse".

Like we said earlier, they're among the strongest straps out there. So if you need a pair of wrist straps that you can rely on to hit your PRs and crush your strength goals, then these are the perfect lifting straps for you.

Rogue Fitness Ohio Lifting Straps

Best lifting straps for gym
Image credit: Rogue Fitness

If you're a powerlifter and you want to impress at your next meet, then Rogue Fitness has you covered. Their Ohio Lifting straps are individually sewn, and are of the absolute highest quality.

There's a heavy duty cotton webbing that create a comfortable surround on your wrist, whilst providing maximal support and grip around the bar.

Work hard, and push past your limits with ease with the Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps. They're strong and durable, and will survive the toughest and most intense of workouts.

Get yours today for just $15!

IronMind Strong Enough Wrist Straps

Let's just say, if you're looking to lift as much weight as possible and you aren't using these straps or similar ones, you're probably not lifting as much as you could be. Chosen by majority of the competitive Strongmen, these are the single best straps for lifting maximum loads.

They were designed when Strongman Ken Brown was robbed of his final qualification when his straps gave out in the 1999 Official Strongman Competition. Inspired to prevent this from ever happening again, IronMind took it upon themselves to create some of the sturdiest, most reliable straps out there.

Equipped with these new IronMind straps, Ken Brown later went on to break the world record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift, smashing 1,062.5 lbs.

These lifting straps could be the next step towards you achieving your goals.

Get yours now!

Harbinger Cotton Padded Lifting Straps

Most suitable for bodybuilding, these straps create an incredibly reliable grip and really allow lifters to push for those final few reps, where the hard work counts most. The cotton padding makes the strap very comfortable on your wrist, and you're almost guaranteed to grind out those final reps.

With these lifting straps, you'll have the ability to push past your sticking points and reach new personal bests on a consistent basis.

Take your grip out of the equation, and let the bigger muscles do the work. Get yours today.

Manimal Infinity Lifting Straps

Manimal Infinity lifting straps, best lifting straps
Image credit: Manimal

Featuring incredibly comfortable 3mm Neoprene wrist padding, these Infinity Lifting Straps are a great choice for anyone looking to pack on a maximum amount of muscle, and don't want their grip failing during their hard sets.

They're labelled left and right, meaning you'll have no trouble figuring out which straps goes in which hand.

The straps are made of a strong Poly Nylon mix that is stronger than most of the other straps out there, and they're sure to last you, no matter what you put them through.

Built for performance, comfort, and durability, these lifting straps are an extremely good pick for almost anyone.

Get yours today!

Rip Toned Weightlifting Straps

If you're after a pair of straps that are friendly on your wallet, but won't compromise your performance, these are the pair we would recommend to you.

The special cotton material on this strap will help you avoid any ripped calluses or slipping during your workouts. Like many others on this list, they also come with Neoprene Soft Tech padding, for the most comfort on your wrists at all times.

With these straps, you can be confident in breaking your PRs, and be confident that it's not breaking the bank for you to do so either.

Gets yours off Amazon today!

SportBit Lifting Straps

Also friendly on the bank account, you'll have no trouble smashing personal bests with this pair of wrist straps either. Easily improve your workout quality with these straps, whether you're on a barbell, working with weight plates, kettlebells, or just lifting equipment in general.

They come with premium padding for the wrists, allowing for maximum comfort during your workout.

With these, you'll be able to concentrate better and really feel the muscles working hard. Let your body be the limiting factor, not your grip.

Plus, SportBit offers a 100% money-back guarantee, menaing there's no real risk with this purchase. No questions will be asked, you'll just get your money back.

Buy these straps today off Amazon!

To Conclude

Lifting straps are one of the best ways you can ensure that you make the most out of your hard work in the gym and aren't being limited by your grip strength.

Definitely look to grab a pair for yourself from this list! You won't regret it.

Which pair will you buy today?

Tell us in the comments below!


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