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The Top 9 Weightlifting Belts of 2022

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Want to be stronger and safer during your core weightlifting movements such as the squat, bench press and deadlift?

If so, we've gathered a list of the best lifting belts available online. Whether you're a beginner looking to invest in your first lifting belt or an experienced trainee in need of an upgrade, we've found a belt that's suitable for you.

Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission through some of these links (at no additional cost to you) should you use them to make a purchase. However, this does not affect our choices as our team does conduct thorough research around these products to ensure they provide real benefits to our readers.

Strong powerlifter putting on weightlifting belt to lift more weight and keep safe during his workout

Our Selections

SBD Apparel 13mm Lever Belt

Image credit: SBD Apparel

While prong belts are known for easy adjustability and lever belts are known for speed efficiency and tightness, the SBD Apparel 13mm Lever Belt combines the advantages of both these designs. This allows the user to really reap all the benefits of a lifting belt, with little to no compromise in any aspect.

It comes with a patented gliding lever, allowing for the previously mentioned easy adjustability. This makes it easy to resize during competitions and training, should you need to share it with others. The belt features a classic oiled black leather look topped off with a stylish red suede, for a simple yet classy design and appearance.

The leather is prepared over 5 months, so while this belt does lean more towards the expensive side, it ensures optimal longevity and an overall very robust and reliable belt.

As our pick for the strongest, most secure and efficient weightlifting belt, you cannot go wrong with powerlifting in the SBD Apparel 13mm Lever Belt. It really does excel in all areas.

Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt

Image credit: Element 26

The uniqueness of this belt is written clearly in its name. This advanced belt from Element 26 comes with self-locking technology that you won't find on any other lifting belt.

This innovative design removes the hassle you might find yourself facing when using a classic belt designed using prongs, or sometimes, maybe even a lever belt.

To release, just pull on an easily -accessible release roller, and move onto your next exercise/task. This extra efficiency mean you don't have to waste any extra time trying to get the prongs in the right holes, or worrying about whether the lever is clamped down properly.

Finally, the belt comes in a uniform structure to prevent any imbalances or asymmetries in the belt's stability and support provided.

The Element 26 Self-Locking belt is made of 100% premium nylon, ensuring a very durable belt that you can rely on for many years to come. The company guarantees a lifetime warranty of the product, meaning you're eligible for a replacement should your belt break or stop working.

This lifting belt will not get in the way of your exercise at all, causing no discomfort during the lift, and no impediments in preparation either.

That's why we love this belt so much. It's also on the cheaper side, and you can get yours today for under $50 from the Element 26 Official Online Store.

You can also use code: GYMPULSIVE10 for 10% off any Element 26 purchase!

Gymreapers 10mm Lever Belt

Image credit:

Once again a very high-quality lever belt, the Gymreapers 10mm Lever Belt is a great all-round pick for powerlifters and those looking to smash their next squat and deadlift PRs.

The belt features an adjustable lever buckle that makes the process of putting on and removing the belt extremely easy.

No more time or hassle spent trying to get the belt on and off. Just do your preparation, secure the belt on in a matter of seconds, and lift with confidence knowing that it'll survive whatever you throw at it.

The belt is 10mm thick, and it'll definitely give you the support and mobility that you need to crush your weight. Overall a generally great choice for anybody looking to boost their strength and improve both their lifting capacity and safety.

Available in five different colors of black, grey, military green, navy and red, meaning you'll likely be able to match any existing color scheme you have with other training gear as well!

You'll find this priced very reasonably at $110 on the Gymreapers official online store.

Rogue Fitness Harbinger 5'' Foam Core Belt

Best weightlifting belt to lift more weight and build more muscle
Image credit: Rogue Fitness

For the athletes looking to start using lifting belts for the first time and want to experiment, the Rogue Fitness Harbinger 5'' belt is our top selection.

It's very easy to use, sporting a simply designed Velcro strap that that comes on and off quickly. Perfectly suitable for beginners just looking to experiment and find their preferences.

The belt is also made out of nylon, removing the initial discomfort that may come with settling into a new belt such as a harder lever belt.

However, due to the core of the belt being manufactured out of foam, it does present a slight sacrifice of the stability and support provided when higher weights are reached.

Therefore, we would only recommend this belt to beginners, and for intermediate to advanced lifters to look for our more robust and sturdy selections on this list.

The pricing of this belt is friendlier on the wallet than the previous, costing $27.99 from the Rogue Fitness Official Online Store. If you're a beginner, this is a belt that we would highly recommend you.

Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

This belt by Dark Iron Fitness provides the stability and support of a thicker, sturdier belt, despite being only 5mm thick and much lighter than the thicker belts.

The belt is made of 100% premium buffalo hide, and provides the support of a sturdy belt despite being far softer and more flexible.

This will minimize any discomfort felt by using the heavy belts, whilst still being able to enjoy similar stability and safety.

It functions on a classic prong system, and is built to be incredibly durable, and capable of providing long-term support for your lifts.

Built well and easy on the wallet, this belt is the one for those looking to enhance their workouts and properly keep themselves safe, while being able to spend as little as possible.

Get yours now from Amazon for $31.99 USD.

RDX 4" Weightlifting Belt

A traditional cowhide leather belt that you can rely on. This belt has double stitched seams that create longevity and long-lasting value for your money.

It features heavy duty rivets and a strong buckle to prevent snapping and injury during your heavy lifting at the gym.

The weightlifting belt is easily adjustable with its classic prong system, and weighs only 200 grams, limiting any discomfort or hindrances of your lifting,

Get this belt today from anywhere between $22.99 - 32.99 off Amazon.

Inzer Forever Lever Belt

This weightlifting belt provides extremely efficient stability and support for your core. It's by one of the biggest brands when it comes to weightlifting belts.

However, it is quite costly, and to us, the benefits were not great enough for it to make the best overall belts. If you are looking for something in to provide maximal support without spending over $120, then this belt may be the one for you.

It's one of the strongest lifting belts out there, and will likely last you several decades, even if they take a beating on a regular basis. It might even last longer than you!

Get it on Amazon for $99.99 - 109.99.

RDX Powerlifting Belt

This weightlifting belt does provide more stability and is a better belt than the other RDX pick in this list. However, it does cost slightly more, and therefore didn't make our list of the budget belts.

Although if you are interested in the benefits that premium and high quality RDX belts provide you with and you are willing to spend a little bit more, then this one may be the one for you.

Find it on Amazon for $54.99.

Beast Gear Powerbelt

This is a great overall pick, striking a nice balance between support, mobility and durability. The belt is 10mm thick, and is crafted from some of the highest-quality materials, creating a very strong and reliable piece of equipment you can count on.

Your lumbar spine will receive plenty of support for added safety, without having the freedom and ability to move restricted at all. You'll feel comfortable and confident wearing the belt, helping you smash those PRs and perform as optimally as you possibly can.

100% cowhide leather, heavy duty stitching and stainless steel rivets come together to create one of the strongest, sturdiest belts you're likely to come across. It's also likely to last you decades, even if you take it through your most intense workouts often.

Break those PRs with unparalleled confidence. Get your Best Gear Powerbelt now!

Wrapping Up

Having a weightlifting belt in your gym arsenal is crucial for any serious athlete wanting to lift heavy and truly express their strength.

Especially if you want to do it safely.

Pick the one that you like the most from this list and you'll be well on your way!

Which one will you be buying?

Let us know in the comments below!


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