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Women's Toned & Strong - Intermediate

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We realize that women often have different goals in mind to men when it comes to training in the gym, and looking to build a muscular physique. Research was also limited, and it was advertised that the best thing a woman could do was take up a ridiculously strict diet, and do hours of tedious cardio on the treadmill each week. Or that maybe they should pick up the lightest set of dumbbells available and bang out 40+ reps per set. Thankfully, research has advanced and we're more knowledgeable about female-specific training now. To minimize confusion, we've created a muscle building program specifically tailored to women in mind, with a focus on adding size to the legs and glutes, with some upper body work of course. The program has you training 5-6 days a week (depending on your availability), and includes exact sets, reps and a pre-made Google spreadsheet so that you can track your progress easily! It's a great choice for any women out there looking to transform their bodies through weight training, and also want to not only look strong, but be strong. Workouts will be done with barbells, dumbbells and machines, so access to a gym will be necessary. Please seek medical advice if you are concerned about the safety of weightlifting, or have any doubts about whether or not you should be lifting. Otherwise, this is a great overall program to get started with if you're a female wanting to look and feel like an athlete! One time payment, lifetime access.



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