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Total Body Destruction - Intermediate/Advanced

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If you're an intermediate or advanced lifter and prefer to train with a full body split, we've created the perfect program for you. Our Total Body Destruction program has you in the gym training 5x a week, hitting each major muscle group everyday. And while many think of full-body splits to be solely for beginners, this is simply not the case. Taking a high-frequency approach to this split can deliver serious results, and sometimes, the different training style is what our bodies need to push past plateaus. The program runs for 6-8 weeks, and tells you the exact exercises, as well as the exact sets and reps so you don't have to do any guess work. It also focuses on both getting stronger on your main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift & Overhead Press) and building muscle at the same time. We'll provide you with a pre-made spreadsheet so that you can track and see your progress. We'll also provide you with a warmup calculator so that you can work out what weights you should be using to work up to a one-rep max, should you decide to test it after completing the program. Workouts will be done with barbells, dumbbells and machines, so access to a gym will be necessary. Please seek medical advice if you are concerned about the safety of weightlifting, or have any doubts about whether you should be lifting. Otherwise, this program is a great pick for anybody looking to try something new, push past plateaus and boost their gains in the gym. One time payment, lifetime access.



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