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Bodyweight Hypertrophy - Intermediate

  • 6Weeks
  • 48Steps


Looking for a way to train and build muscle from home with minimal equipment? Join to get a 6-week bodyweight-only program that aims to build muscle all throughout your body, utilizing a Push, Pull Legs, Upper/Lower split training five days a week. The workouts are simple enough to do from home, at a park or really anywhere else. These workouts require just your bodyweight, a pull up bar and a couple of everyday household objects such as a table or a chair. At the very least, you will need a place where you can comfortably perform pull ups in order to complete this program You'll get exact exercises, sets, reps and a pre-made Google spreadsheet so that you can easily track your progress! This program is a great choice for intermediate to advanced trainees already comfortable in lifting their own bodyweight, looking for an easy way to build muscle and strength at home, especially when they're limited on equipment. One-time purchase, lifetime access.



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