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Full Body Foundational Strength and Hypertrophy

  • 8Weeks
  • 70Steps


Let's be real. It's hard to get started in fitness. With so many random gurus, crappy information and 'crazy' workouts that you're encouraged to try, it can be hard to differentiate between what's actually useful and what's crap. It's easy for beginners and even intermediate lifters to fall into the trap of thinking they need endless amounts of volume, seemingly glamorous exercises that literally go against science and common sense, and 'exotic' training techniques that have no real purpose. And while the influencers that you follow might look good, a lot of the fitness information that you see on TikTok and Instagram is crap. Just because people look good doesn't always mean what they're saying is true. The truth is, most of them have trained for years and years. Possibly even decades. And what they're showing you is likely not what they usually do. Instead, you should be looking to stick to the basics and building up your foundational strength and muscle mass before progressing onto the workouts and techniques that you see influencers doing. That's exactly what we designed this 8-week program to do. In this program you'll get: • daily guidance and reminders • exercises with links to demo videos • exact sets, reps and rest times • warmup guide • helpful blog articles • access to meal plan guide • premade Google spreadsheet to track progress • customer service • motivation • train 3x a week Don't do anymore guesswork. Let us guide you on this journey.



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